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Environmental Microbiology

Current Projects:

Indoor Environments~ This project, funded by the Sloan Foundation, examines the microbial communities in human environments incuding hospitals, homes, public buildings, and water systems. Postdocs Laura Baumgartner and Piret Koll, graduate student Kim Ross, and technicians Steven Mihaylo and Kristen Peterson work on this project.

CAFOs~Concentrated animal feeding operations bring together large numbers of people and animals in an enclosed environment. This project, funded by NIOSH, examines the microbial constituents of air in CAFOs to determine a) what microbes are present and b) whether we can detect specific microorganisms of concern. Postdocs Piret Koll works on this project in collaboration with members of Dr. Mark Hernadez's laboratory in Environmental Engineering.

Guerrero Negro~ The Guerrero Negro hypersaline microbial mat of Baja California, Mexico has been a research site for the Pace Lab for years. The Bacterial, Archaeal, and Eukaryotic microbial diversity are the subjects of several studies previously conducted by Dr. John Spear, Dr. Ruth Ley, and undergraduates Alicia Berger and Leah Feazel, as well as ongoing investigation by Drs. Charles Robertson and Kirk Harris.

Yellowstone Microbial Mats~ This study is interested in dicovering what organisms form the multicolored microbial mats surrounding Yellowstone's hot springs. This study has been conducted by Kim Ross and Leah Feazel with the help of undergraduates Nikki Held, Mallory Chan, and graduate rotation students.


Past Projects and Publications

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The Big Tree


A significant part of what we do in environmental search is expansion of the three domain tree of life. Since many microbes are difficult to culture, many have only recently been discovered through sequencing of conserved genes such as that for the small subunit of the ribosomal RNA.


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